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Looking for a way to donate your time and skills in a way that helps animals need?
Want to meet a group of folks who share you love of animals? Join our team.

Some volunteer opportunities:

  • Social Media
  • Database Maintenance
  • Technology
  • Photography/Videography
  • Organizational Skills
  • Solicitation: Auction and Sponsors
  • Event Support (Pre or During)
  • Sponsor Liason (Connections on websites, etc )
  • Community outreach

Want to be a volunteer?


Friends for Animals, Detroit, Animal Organization

The mission of the Friends For Animals of Metro Detroit (FAMD) is to provide loving care and sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions and reunions, and promote respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals.

Michigan Animal Adoption Network

The mission of the Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN) is to provide proper housing, straw, food and supplies to animals living in outdoor conditions as well as offer assistance to families with animals living indoors.

Cat Tail Acres

Cat Tail Acres is a sanctuary for feral and unwanted cats. We are not a traditional shelter and don’t accept socialized adult cats or kittens who are more adoptable. We believe all of God’s living creatures deserve a right to a good life.

Volunteers in action

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