Space if VERY limited for Bowlers.
Please contact us before registering to bowl.
Thank You.


Note: On the Registration Form, your options will include:

    • Bowling ($35 registration fee, paid at the time of registration):
      • Personal Fundraising Page
      • Access to the August 10th event
      • 3 games of 9-pin “No Tap” including shoes
      • Includes meal ticket (buffet provided by Red Robin)
    • Meal Ticket ($10 registration fee, paid at the time of registration):
      • Personal Fundraising Page
      • Access to the August 10th event
      • A meal ticket (buffet provided by Red Robin)
    • Fundraiser Only ($0 registration fee):
      • Personal Fundraising Page
      • Access to the August 10th event

    * All online registration fees are paid through PaymentSpring to Michigan Animal Welfare Foundation (MAWF), Tax ID: 81-2139193. MAWF does not have access to you credit card numbers.


Start A Team

If you want to be the Captain of a team to bowl and/or fundraise together!
Lead your team of family, friends, co-workers to victory!

  • All participants on your team that are registered to bowl will be assigned to the same lane(s)
  • A lane accommodates up to 6 bowlers; a pair of lanes, up to 12

Join A Team

If you’ve been invited to “Join a Team” to bowl and/or fundraise. (Forgot your teams name? View the teams)

Participate Individually

Not ready to Start or Join a Team but want to bowl and/or fundraise?

  • You can always Start or Join a Team later!
  • Individual bowlers will be assigned to a lane with other bowlers.


Once you register online you will have access to many resources that will help you raise funds.
Fundraising Pledge Page to post photos and individualize your message to supporters.
Tools to share your Pledge Page by email and social media to ask your family, friends and co-workers for donations to help animals in need. Be sure to let them know that 100% of the Proceeds will go to help animals in need and that their donations are tax deductible.
You can also collect pledges/donations offline by downloading a Pledge Collection Form.
You can take your pledges online by making a donation to your own page (via credit card), saving the cash to pay your credit card bill, or bring to the pro shop to have your pledges taken online for you.
A list of Fundraising Tips to help raise lots of $$$ for our furry friends.
If you need help to create a Fundraising Pledge Page, just stop in the pro shop or email [email protected] for help!


Our Gifts to You

    • Raise $50 in Pledges, receive a T-shirt.
      • Registered Bowlers: only $25 in pledges!
    • Raise $300 in Pledges, receive VIB (Very Important Bowler) Status at Event
      • Express Check in at Event
      • Express Line to Food
      • $10 in Raffle Tickets
      • Free Entry to win a Special Prize
Club VIB


** Be sure to check out all of the Fundraising Tips to learn how you can raise lots of $$$ to help the many animals in need! Download and print Pledge Collection Form.