Animal Welfare Warrior Award

The Michigan Animal Welfare Foundation established an animal-advocacy award to recognize the dedication and compassion of an individual (or individuals) who unselfishly gives time and talent to saving and providing sanctuary to animals. This award goes to an individual who consistently and powerfully advances the rights of rescue animals through extraordinary means: actions, words, time, and talent. The MAWF “Animal Welfare Warrior” Award is given annually, and the person selected is honored at our Fur Ball.

Criteria for Award Nominees

Exemplify the mission of MAWF

Exemplify the mission and vision of MAWF to raise funds, resources, and awareness for animals in need

Exemplify true support

Exemplify true support of the humane treatment of animals through thought, word, and deed

Donate time, support, talent

Consistently donate time, support and/or talent to facilitate or further the cause of animal welfare
Lisa Koester Michigan Animal Welfare Foundation Animal Welfare Warrior Award Cat Tail Acres Sancturary

Lisa Koester


Marie Cladd

Marie Skladd


Animal Welfare Warrior Award Honoree

Dr. Cheryl Good



Eileen Liska-Stronczer